The War in Syria: Another Peace Plan; Russia, N. Korea and Chinese Restless

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According to The Economist:

The war in Syria: Another peace plan
Yesterday Russia, Iran and Turkey signed a deal to stop all operations, including Syrian military flights, in four “de-escalation zones” within the country where opposition fighters still hold considerable territory. The plan, reportedly approved by Donald Trump, is the latest attempt to put an end to the six-year war. If the Syrian government honours the deal’s terms, a lasting political solution may edge closer. But the chances are slim.

The Pentagon says the de-escalation zones would not affect its air campaign against ISIS.  What about Yosarian dropping MOAB ($5.0×10^5×800)? A Navy SEAL: Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38, of Falmouth, Maine, was killed during a raid in Somalia; He was a 15-year veteran and earned 4 Bronze Stars.He should have been honorably discharged, however, the USAF/Army are running out of recruits and canon fodder.
First USA casualty since 1993 in Somalia, 40 miles West of Mogadishu.   Also, 2 other Navy SEALS were injured.

Another front created by The Pentagon and Al-Qaeda branch, Al-Shabaab.

North Korea issues Direct Threat to Ally China.

N. Korea claims USA and S. Korea are behind assassination plot against Kim Jong Un.  A member of the Armed Services Committee denies the plot was ever discussed in the Senate Committee.

Russia sends a 5th sortie TU-95 “Bear” escorted by “unarmed ;-)” Russian Fighters.  Only with USA interception by F-22 “Raptors” were they turned back into International Flight Space.

Chinese jets do aerial maneuvers around Navy P-3 reconnaissance aircraft.

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The Russians arming the Taliban.  Afghanistan the “Graveyard of Empires,” according to CNN.

President Trump, ambivalent to Russia’s warring overtures, makes an appointment to meet with Putin in June in a private meeting around the G-20 meeting.

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