Lack of Economic Growth not shown in the market: POSSIBILITY OF FED JUNE RATE INCREASE:

Consumer Spending unchanged since March; This does not corroborate 98,000 Employment Jobs Report in March and 211,000 jobs created in April.



  • GOOG down 0.14% After Hours – Business Expenditures on AdWords will fall.
  • AAPL (Too expensive for the average Indian user): Disappointing Earnings.
  • IBM Due Diligence
  • FB (Oculus too expensive for the average user) EPS $1.03 Down 3.68% AH
  • EA, ATVI, GME, TTWO, SNE, MSFT (Amazon lowering its price on AWS – Amazon Web Services, MSFT will be forced to lower its price on Azure) – Reiterate Downfall of Console Gaming Business
  • TSLA – Problems with Model 3 coming to light. Loss of $1.33 vs $.81 EPS estimate, Revenues of $2.70B vs. $2.62B estimate – Overpriced Stock, according to CNBC:  Due Diligence, published Wednesday, 5/3/17.  On 5/4/17, down $15.15 or 4.87%
  • WYNN and TRVG will Lead EXPE and PCLN DOWN EXPE overspending on TV Commercials: Layoffs in the Retail Sector and lack thereof of Discretionary Income will SEVERELY AFFECT Discretionary Travel Expenditures.    Hit new 52-Week High today, however Trivago (TVAG.SG) down nearly 7%.  CAR down 2.06% during the trading day and After Hours down 6.94% and CAKE down 7.96% After Hours, already mentioned as Shorts fell precipitously today.  WYNN also will get hit (on 5/4/17, down 0.90% or down $1.13).
  • NFLXDown 0.55% and 0.23% After Hours: TV in Dire Shape according to CNBC.  Viacom (VIAB) Down 7.54% ahead of earnings.  Hulu introducing LIVE TV Service which includes the major networks.
  • BABA – Down $0.85 or down 0.73%: The Trend is Your Friend. The EBay of China and manufacturing at 25 year lows.

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