Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of the Senate Armed Services Committee …

wants a Bigger Army, Bigger Air Force and Bigger Navy, according to CNN.

Fox News Reports that the, Fight against ISIS is costing $12.8M per day.

  • Trump wants to lower corporate taxes from 35% to 15%.  Democrats opposed because it could cost $2.4 Trillion.
  • Russia arming Taliban in Afghanistan, according to Fox News.
  • William Devane hired as a spokesperson for Gold and Silver investments.  Cites government spending and “dollar worth as much as a wet Golf Scorecard” …  USA National Debt $19.9×10^12, rising $2.4B each day: 800-630-8900 for hard currency coins.
  • Silver uses include, Green Energy, Electronics (Drones and Computers) and Medicine.
  • Alternatively, 3x Funds: USLV (Silver) and UGLD or NUGT (Gold).


According to Fox News, “Chuck Schumer maintains Drones would be less expensive to patrol USA-Mexican border.”

  • USS Michigan arrives in South Korea.
  • North Korea says 400 artillery pieces ready to attack Seoul, 35 Miles South
  • North Korea carries out “Large Live Fire Drills,” according to Fox News.
  • Rex Tillerson to conduct Press Conference tomorrow, 4/26/17, on North Korea.

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