REITERATE SHORTS on Console Gaming Business and Expensive IPhone

GME starting to crack, repeating that Q over Q sales down 16.3% and closing stores, reminiscent of Radio Shack.  Will lead TTWO (A Candle that will be EXTINGUISHED), EA, ATVI (Starting to crack, down 0.16% while market down 0.11%: Also 2016 EPS barely above 2015 with nearly 1.5B in greater sales), SNE AND MSFT down (starting to crack in sympathy with IBM, however, MSFT at one point halted XBox Console production lines).

See Due Diligence.

The next generation IPhone is rumored to cost, $1000.  This will make or break the credit limit on unemployed or underemployed wanna-bes credit cards who only can pay minimum monthly payment.  Take away, SPECULATIVE SHORT of AAPL.  NASDAQ up 0.24%, while AAPL down 0.35% or $0.49.  In sympathy with AAPL as a supplier which is owed $1B, SPECULATIVE SHORT, QCOM.

SPECULATIVE SHORT: AXP, two straight years of declining revenues, according to CNBC.  According to IBD, AXP EPS down 12% and revenues down 4.2%.  Rotating Credit Limits are reaching highs as latest hiring figures point to unemployed and underemployed using credit cards for consumer staples.  Includes, MA and V.  According to interview on CNBC, Millenial boasted she had 6 credit cards.  If indicative of broader trend that encourages consumer to swap one card to another 0% teaser.


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