Iran maintains a Hostile Attitude towards Israel …

Press conference conducted by Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

  • A Plea to PREVENT another 8-year war and settle Geopolitics.
  • Mahmoud Ahmandinijad ruled from 2005-2013 and issued rhetoric against Israel (push them into the sea) and championed development of Nuclear Ambition.   Ayatollah recommended he step down and The Guardian Council implored Hassan Rouhani to take over.
  • by supporting Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Targets sphere of influence in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon
  • Harasses USA Navy Vessels.
  • Plotted to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA.
  • Worst human rights policies, by jailing USA tourists.
  • Iran nuclear ambition unsettles peoples and nations.
  • Proliferation of missiles violate UN 2231.
  • Israelis and Palestinians clash at Detention Center.
  • Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, states “will conduct comprehensive review” of Iran 2015 Nuclear Deal as it appears has not discouraged Iran from becoming a nuclear power, according to MSNBC, as of 8:13PM EST, April 20, 2017.
  • According to,Assad has managed to cling to power thanks to a brutal scorched earth campaign on Syrian rebel groups and civilians, with the help of Russian warplanes and Iranian proxy militias.  The embattled president’s rise to power was initially met with optimism in the west, where it was believed the younger Assad would not rule with as heavy a hand as his father. But when protests inspired by the Arab Spring broke out in 2011, Assad responded with force.
  • The Trump administration is considering review of USA policies towards Iran. 
  • Depending on actions taken, could cause CRUDE OIL to SPIKEAs a hedge, purchase XOM, DVN, CVX, MRO, APA, CHK and PEIX(More speculatively on LNG, UGAZ).  
  • According to CNBC, Oil underperforming COPPER: SPECULATIVE PLAY – WRN.  3X LEVERAGED Silver play: USLV.  3X LEVERAGED BULL FUND ON GOLD: NUGT or UGLD.  Alternative fuels may SPIKE IN SYMPATHY: PLUG.
  • Also, if an event spooks the market in General, take haven in S&P 500 Short Fund: SDS and the NASDAQ: SQQQ.  A record number of money managers think the market is overvalued.

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