REITERATE BUYS in Defense, Restaurants and Commodities, REITERATE SHORT on Console Gaming Business

REITERATE BUY on LMT, down 0.33% or $0.89, because UTX, a prominent LMT subcontractor, is leading the way, up $0.13 or 0.11%.

S&P Restaurant Index up YTD: DNKN, the low cost leader and domination in location saturations (Goal of opening total of 17K locations in the USA from current 12.2K in 45 countries), is bucking the downward trend today, 4/18/17, up $0.67 or 1.25%.

Reiterate BUY on PLUG and PEIX, conventional commodities competition.

UK Pound up 2.24% and Euro up 0.83% vs. USA Dollar.  Pound up because of UK Election, according to CNBC. 

According to The Economist:

British politics: Back to the polling booth
This morning Theresa May, Britain’s prime minister, announced her plan to hold a general election on June 8th. Polls suggest that she will win comfortably: Labour trails her Conservative party by more than 20 percentage points. Mrs May claims the election is a chance to heal divisions over Brexit. In fact, something like the reverse is true: division over Brexit makes it hard to predict how people will vote, writes our Britain editor

USLV down only $0.18 or 1.08% while the underlying commodity, silver, is down 1.02%.  Buying opportunity on Weak Dollar.

WRN up $0.03 or 2.44% on Weak Dollar.

GME, starting to crack, EA on the verge of falling over a cliff, down a penny, SNE down $0.18 or 0.57%.

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