How much for a Cup of Coffee?

N. Korea Missile Launch Fails, according to MSNBC, from Sympo, home of N. Korean submarine forces, range of 1000Km(NOT an ICBM-Intercontinental Ballistic Missile).  Implausible that the missile had a warhead.  Launched on “The Day of the Sun”, 105th Anniversary of the Birth of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung.  Pushing the envelope of N. Korean missile technology, is development of solid rocket fuel vs. liquid rocket fuel.

Courtesy of the New York Times and

By Troy Griggs


If successful, China threatened to abort import of coal supplies and Natural Gas.  Colonel Jack Jacobs, MSNBC Military Analyst, hypothesizes that a Stuxnet type of attack happened.  4/17/17 interview, China does not want to see destabilization of Korean Peninsula and is looking for a negotiated settlement.

On Easter, N. Koreans flocked to the flower show, which was interspersed with miniature missiles among the flowers.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said Friday that North Korea poses a cyber-threat to the United States but a military strike from the nuclear power is unlikely amid escalating tensions between the two nations.

Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, and President has no further comment.

The Armed Services Committee Chairman, Mac Thornberry, interview at 14:00 EST on Fox News.

Let’s hope this is not another Gulf of Tonkin.

Response, to Russia and N. Korea, may have been reserved to an F-16 testing a dummy B-61 in the desert.

Otherwise, if there’s retaliation, TREMENDOUS LOSS OF LIFE, civilian (1.0×10^7 in Seoul) and troops, and strong evidence of HYPERINFLATION.

Indicator of hyperinflation, because of $4.00×10^5×800, is that Delta Air Lines upped its reimbursement for an overbooked flight to $10,000, formerly $1,350.

Hyperinflation may enrich Russia because their main export is Oil and Oil is quoted in the Greenback, which will benefit USA and hedge Hyperinflation.  USA Oil Exports, boosted by Ethanol and Diesel, primarily imported by China, now, and LNG is exported to Japan.

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