Reiterate BUY on WRN, USLV, HL and KGC because of WEAK DOLLAR that is Hedged by Commodities

Trump says Greenback is “TOO STRONG”.

Cause: $4.00×10^5×800 and UK Pound up 2.22%.

PROOF IN THE PUDDING: Gold, Silver and Copper better INFLATION HEDGE than OIL.

Gold up $20.20 or 1.61%, Copper UP 0.23%.  SPECULATIVE BUY on WRN, according to INVESTOPEDIA.  According to CNBC, GLD Exchange Traded Fund posted 2X more Calls than Puts.

Leveraged SILVER FUND: USLV.  Stock UP $0.98 or 6.30%, SILVER UP $0.36 OR 2.01%

HL up $0.28 or 5.21%.

KGC up $0.10 or 2.92%.

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