Discretionary Income Drop

Speculative Shorts: NCLH and CUK, CCL, RCL and DIS, CAR, CBRL, BOBE.

BOGLE: Stocks are expensive according to CNBC.  60% chance of Fed rate hike in June.

Oil up 1.74%.  Add NBL to list of oils to purchase: XOM, MRO, DVN, CVX, APA, CHK and PEIX for Ethanol/Diesel.  BP may underperform because Pound is up 0.33% relative to the US Dollar.  In this author’s opinion, Dollar will lose value because of political pressure on the Fed to NOT raise interest rates and Federal spending projects including Defense and stoppage of the Federal employee hiring freeze.

Beyond shorting airlines, especially UAL on PR problem with the injured passenger being hauled from the plane and the videos going viral with hits in the millions on YouTube, RECOMMENDED BY DAVID DIETZE ON CNBC.


Unemployed and underemployed will seek out self-employment: LONG ETSY, up 0.57% on 1/4 3m average volume.  

GDOT long because self-employed, underemployed and unemployed require Pre-Paid cards because they lost their bank accounts in order to purchase on-line.

MAGS down on profit taking After signing deal with Indian company (BUY ON THE RUMOR, SELL ON THE NEWS): SPECULATIVE LONG IDEA.

The downfall of the full commission brokers, financial consultants AND globalization of equity markets: SPECULATIVE LONG – IBKR.

SILVER AND COPPER contrarian plays, USLV and WRN.

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