Crude Oil Up 1.06%, Gold Up 0.42%, Silver Up 0.43%

Reiterate Speculative Short on JBLU, LUV, UAL, DAL, AAL, and ALK, subject to currency fluctuations on its takeover of Virgin Atlantic.

Also, Reiterate Speculative Short on the demise of the gaming console business: GME, EA and ATVI.

Reiterate Speculative BUY on NEM, ABX, USLV, KGC and WRN.

Also, possibly causing a strong spike in crude oil, with broad reduction in national and international travel, is possible USA intervention in Syria and/or North Korea.  Watch for the news when Rex Tillerson, USA Secretary of State, visits Moscow on April 11-12th.

According to Bloomberg, Blackrock’s Fink said, speaking on CNBC Thursday. “You’re seeing a slowing down of our economy.”

Fink said the U.S. may be the slowest-growing economy in the first quarter among the G-7 nations. Japan, Canada and Europe are expanding faster than anticipated six months ago while the U.S. is lagging expectations. Without tax reform and deregulation, he said, the markets will suffer setbacks.

This author believes we may be facing Stagflation with higher commodity prices and slower economic and jobs growth, especially because of repeal of TPP and possibly NAFTA.


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