MSFT – Part Manage a Trois

may miss estimates because Google Docs is cleaning their clock and there is no market for Office 365.

I am not alone in my skeptism.  Another author chimes in.

A company that may receive a windfall (Some urged online communities to contact the Trump transition team and educate his aides about IBM’s history of layoffs and outsourcing.) from MSFT, AAPL and Alphabet’s pummeling and the federal hiring freeze is Cap Gemini S. A. (which has a strong overseas consultant presence), close to its 52 Week low with a dividend of 0.75%.  However, one warning, it’s thinly traded: CGEMY (Nasdaq).

Additionally, Azure faces tough competition against EC2.  However, the price for the cloud is elastic as the client/server model is outdated.

Also, the Surface is way overpriced, just like AAPLs Retinas.  Aspiring programmers and laid off techies are putting the laptops on their 0% credit cards and is creating a big liability for AXP.  One salvation is that the government may purchase these laptops for consultants because of the federal hiring freeze.

Also, ASP has a much smaller market share than PHP.  MSFT has admitted this by putting PHP it in Visual Studio.

However, MSFT has 56% of desktop OS market share and will not relinquish this because they have a near monopoly.

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