Featured BEAST Short

Things are not looking good for Netflix in China, CEO Reed Hasting said at The New Yorker’s TechFest.

Netflix sports a massive P/E of 359.16 and a market capitalization of $56.67 Billion.

With a Q-to-Q growth rate of 8.8% and only 23.16% growth Y-over-Y in 2015, the herd mentality is astonishing with a new 52 week high being established today.

When everyone at 52-week highs reiterate or establish a buy signal, that is a negative technical signal.

Today, 1/18/17, a negative technical factor is that the stock is down 0.66% even though the NASDAQ is flat to slightly higher.

The NFLX January 19, 2018 $100 Puts have the most volume today, specifically 1949 contracts, last price $7.40.

This author believes you should double down on the Puts because last night the after hours market was up almost 9% and it has not held its upward momentum being up around 5% right now.

The war over original-content streaming is hotter than ever, which means Netflix is in increasing danger of losing its crown.

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