Is Apple entering the stage of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?”

Apple did not rally today with the market, a negative technical indicator, and it is just shy of it’s 52 Week High.

Can anyone afford a $500 cell phone, punctuated with the herd mentality for each new iPhone, with the Chinese and Indian manufacturers selling units for $10 or less and Google providing the OS for free?

  • Trump’s China campaign rhetoric is about to become U.S. policy, and few investors are taking him at his word.
  • Alibaba has much ground to lose in a U.S./China trade war from backlash to its supportive Trump overtures.
  • Alibaba stock trading momentum has weakened significantly the last four months.  Courtesy of Seeking Alpha.

Instead of Apple trying to produce a low cost notebook and banishing the pipe dreams of Retina’s most likely purchased on 0% credit cards, it is pursuing boondoggle projects like a smart car which is eating up billions of its cash reserves which might better be spent on the bread lines this country is facing.

This author believes it is an excellent short candidate for a Speculative Portfolio.


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